VMS-200S Vibration Monitoring Systems

VMS-200S Drill Monitor - Click for larger image (19996 bytes)
VMS-200S Vibration Monitor

Complete System Includes:

  • External Geophone
  • Microphone with stand
  • Full analysis software
  • Carrying Case

Nothing extra needed - No additional costs.


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  • Low Cost and Versatile
  • Highly Reliable
  • Microphone with Full-Height Stand
  • Fast Recycle Time
  • Internal Time and Date
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Trigger Mode Operation
  • High Accuracy and Low Noise
  • Internal Geophones
    (Optional: External Geophones available)
  • Free WIN200S Analysis Software
  • Standard PC Compatible 9 pin Serial Port
  • Easy to use Four Key switch Pad
  • Great for Long Time Monitoring
  • 100 Full waveform storage
  • Able to Store and View Last 100 Summary Events

VMS-200S Field Operations

The VMS-200S is configured for operation using the supplied WIN200S program for Windows. The trigger source, trigger level and record time are selected using the WIN200S software, and then downloaded to the VMS-200S through the serial port using the included communications cable. The configuration (setup) of the VMS-200S is stored in non-volatile memory so that the unit can be operated without bringing the PC into a dirty and possible hazardous environment. Field operations are extremely easy, so that even an operator unfamiliar with the instrument can be trained in just a few minutes. After connecting the microphone and installing the spikes, turn the VMS-200S on and press the MONITOR switch. When a vibration or sound land triggers the instrument, the resulting digital data is automatically stored in the non-volatile memory of the VMS-200S, and the instrument returns to monitoring the input signals until the trigger level is reached again. After monitoring is finished, press the ENTER key to discontinue monitoring. When convenient, connect the VMS-200S to your PC and download the information using WIN200S Software for permanent storage. The VMS-200S can also be a stand alone unit, having the ability to recall the last 100 events.

WIN200S Software Operations

WIN200S software is an easy-to-use and powerful program for analyzing and printing data collected with the VMS-200S. It integrates functions into one easy-to-use Windows environment. WIN200īs integrated functions include:

  • VMS-200S configuration and control
  • Serial communications
  • High resolution printing on hundreds of printers
  • Seismographs log keeping
  • Binary to ASCII data conversion
  • In-depth data analysis

The WIN200S software provides a complete peak motion analysis including:

  • Peak particle velocity and frequency
  • Acceleration
  • Displacement at the peak for each of the three seismic channel
  • Peak vector sum
  • Peak sound pressure level

Visual Analysis capabilities include waveform display with scroll and zoom, and time referencing. Analytical capabilities provide for both OSM Alternative Criteria Analysis and Fourier analysis. The WIN200S software is so easy to use that report printing and log keeping are now secretarial functions.



Display: 4 Line by 20 Colums LCD
Resolution Seismic: 0.0050/in/s (0.127 mm/s); Acoustic: 1 dB
Sample Rate: 1024 Samples Per Second
Frequency Responses: 2 to 250 Hz
Geophone: Triaxial, 4.5 Hz Natural Frequency
Microphone: Ceramic, 5 Ft (1.5 in) Neoprene Cable


Units of Measure: English or Metric

Seismograph Operation:
Trigger Source: Geophone and/or Microphone
TriggerLevel: GEO.02,.05,.10,.15,.30,.50,.75,1.00,2.00,in/s
(.51, 1027, 2054, 3081, 5.08, 7062, 12070, 19050, 25040, 38010 m 50.80 mm/s)
Trigger Level:  MIC100,105,110,115,120,125,129dB
Range: Full Autoranging
Seismic: 0.00-9.00 in/s (0-228.6 mm/s)
Acoustic: 86-141 dB (re 2.9 x 10psi)
Modes: Multiple Event (with Full Waveforms)
Record Time: 1 to 10 seconds in 1s increments, plus 0.5s Pre-trigger
Environmental: Operation Temperature Range: -15c to +50c
Physical dimensions: L 9.3 In x W 7.2 In x D 4.1 in
L 23.6 cm x W 18.3 cm x D 10.4 cm
Weight: 7lbs