DM-100 Drill Monitor


DM-100 Drill Monitor - Click for larger image (32281 bytes)
DM-100 Drill Monitor

Displays Information such as:

  • Angle of Boom, Front to Back and Side to Side IN DEGREES OR SLOPE!
  • Hole Depth and Bit Depth are displayed at the same time
  • Total footage Drilled viewable at any time, even while drilling.
  • Drill Rate indication programmable for Feet//Min or Feet/Hour Drill Rate. Screen Updating is also programmable in one second intervals.


  • Buttons are Oil Tight
  • Buttons are Large and easy to press, even with gloves on!
  • LARGE easy to read LCD Back lit for reading in dark conditions.
  • Memory is retained even when power is shut off.
  • Convenient mounting bracket, allowing user to adjust viewing angle.
  • Easy to setup, use and understand


DRILL MONITOR displays important information such as HOLE DEPTH, BIT DEPTH, and DRILLING RATE on a LARGE and easy to read LCD display. Also displayed is the BOOM ANGLE, front to back and side to side. Make setup a breeze when drilling pre-split holes or whenever the angle really count. No more guessing! Simply read the LCD screen to determine your boom angle when setting up each hole. Displayed on the LCD are the angle of the boom shown in one of two selectable methods.

  1. Angle shown in degrees. 0 - 60 degrees
  2. Slope of boom referenced to 1 foot.

Depth Indicator

The HOLE Depth readout displays the exact depth of the hole to the nearest tenth of an inch. Know exactly how deep your hole is, NO more over or under drilling holes. Bit Depth readout lets you know exactly where your bit is in reference to the bottom of the hole. Also know exactly where a seam is to aid in loading holes.


Large easy to read LCD is also Backlit making it easy to read even in the worst of conditions. Power Power is drawn from the rigs battery. The Drill Monitor draws no power when it'spower switch is turned off, eliminating any chance of draining the battery. Yet even with no power supplied, the Drill Monitor retains all pertinent inforfnation such as total hole footage drilled.

Drilling Rate

Also included on the same screen is the drill rate. Know how many feet/minute or feet/hour you are drilling. Knowing your drill rate can immediately show a loss of production due to a dull bits or other causes. Use the Drill Monitor to optimize your drill rate by adjusting feed pressure or rotation speeds and see the results immediately.


Power supply.	12 Volts DC To 30 Volts DC
LCD:		4 line x 20 character Large 8 mm high lettering
Temperature:	-20 C to +70 C 
		-4 F to +158 F
Consumption:	ON: 1.0 Amp
		OFF: 0.0 Amp
Dimensions:	Length 8.5 in (21.6 cm)
		Width 6.0 In (15.2 cm)
		Depth 3.0 In (7.6 cm)

Clinometer Specifications

Total Angle Range:		+/- 60 deg
Linear Range:		+/- 45 deg
Threshold and resolution:	.001  deg
Linearity:			+/- .25 deg
Null to 10 deg:		+/-.1 deg
10 deg to 45deg:		+/- 1% angle