SpheriStattm 2.2

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Don't just process your orientation data, explore it!
For structural geology, geological engineering, sedimentology, glaciology, palaeomagnetism, physical geography and any other scientific discipline where orientation of features is important.

SpheriStat 2.2 for Windows is an integrated, powerful and easy-to-use analytical tool for making stereonets, structural maps and rose diagrams, with lots of display, printout and export options.

Enter your data manually using the handy, customizable spreadsheet-like editor, or import them as ASCII files from your database. SpheriStat can import a variety of ASCII file structures, measurement conventions and field delimiters.

Data entry screen

Import screen

Assign symbols for the map and stereonet plots. Choose from 77 standard map symbols and 16 net symbols (or 32 net symbols if you are plotting axial data only). Use as many different symbols on a diagram as you want. On the stereonet, you can plot points (lineations or poles to planes), great circles (planes) and small circles (cones). You can even add additional great circles, small circles or points as markers, without affecting the calculations. SpheriStat has two pop-up windows that show you all the map and net symbols, with their codes, that you can use in your diagrams; the windows stay on top, so they are always available when you need them. You can choose the individual color of each net symbol; add your own titles and other labels, using your choice of text and frame colors; load a contour plot or histogram produced from a different data set and include a contour level scale beside the net.

Points plotted as small circles

Sample map symbols

Sample stereonet symbols

Sample stereonet plot

Formatting options

Stereonet contours

Rotate your data easily to best show the patterns. Drag any net point to a new location and SpheriStat does the rest. Or manually enter the orientation of the rotation axis and the rotation angle. And you can rotate as many times as you wish; SpheriStat keeps track of the last rotation and the total of all rotations. You can also rotate only part of the data, leaving the rest as is. And SpheriStat can even rotate and replot your map, so you can make down-plunge projections or view your data from different directions.

Data rotation

Sample your data set by selecting the points directly with the mouse in any of the diagrams, or by using the powerful Boolean selection procedure! The selected points are highlighted in all displays, so you can see spatial and orientation relations at the same time. And a simple mouse click lets you make a new data set from the sampled points for detailed statistical analysis. You can measure angles and distances directly on the net, map and rose diagram! Just click and drag the mouse cursor. The reading appears in the status line above the drawing.

Boolean data sampling

Angle and distance measurements

Customize your plots and data tables using a setup dialog box for each type of customization -- editor, net, map, circular diagram, and data format.

Setup editor

Setup stereonet

Setup map

Setup circular diagram

Setup data format

Output your results by either printing them or exporting them to other applications. SpheriStat can print up to 17 different diagrams and statistical results using your Windows-installed printer. We even provide a print preview option so you can see how the page will look. You can also copy your diagrams to the Windows clipboard or export your plots to a Windows metafile or a DXF file for input into other applications that accept these formats.

Print preview

Other features new to version 2.2:

  • Stereoscopic 3D view of the net, using the colored glasses provided with the software.

    Stereoscopic view

  • Choice of annotated or "stick-figure" map symbols.
  • Option to scale the map symbols individually. Plot a lineament map using the symbol scaling feature

    Linearment map

  • Optional mid-session change of project code and custom settings.
  • Automatic timed backup of all modified files.

Plus many more small improvements and options.

And if you are unsure what to do at any time, SpheriStat includes a 250-page manual and on-line help explaining all the techniques, with references.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows® 3.1 or higher
  • 2 Mb of hard disk space
  • Color monitor is recommended
  • Mouse is recommended


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