RockWorks software: use RockWorks2002 to create boring logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models, stratigraphic models, contour maps, piper/stiff diagrams, stereonets, rose diagrams, ternary diagrams and much more!

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RockWorks2002 is software for creating boring logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models (plume, orebody, oil reservoir), stratigraphic layer models and surfaces, contour maps and terrain models, piper and stiff diagrams, stereonets, rose diagrams, ternary diagrams and much more!


RockWorks2002 has two sets of tools:


RockWorks: downhole data tools

RockWorks2002 is a broad, integrated geological data management, analysis, and visualization tool. It contains a borehole data managernew! for easy entry of downhole data: observed lithology/stratigraphy contacts, geophysics or geochemistry measurements, water levels, fractures and deviated drill hole surveysnew!. Downhole data can be easily analyzed using RockWorks2002's 2d and 3d OpenGLnew! visualization tools:

RockWorks- 3D view
A solid model in the new RockWorks2002 OpenGL 3D viewer
  RockWorks- 3D view
Radial deviated drilling for petroleum in a deep-water platform environment

    available in RockWorks2002 3D OpenGL:

  • borehole logs
  • fence diagrams
  • solid models (plumes, orebody models, oil reservoirs)
  • stratigraphic and lithologic models
  • stratigraphic and lithologic surfaces
  • hydrology surfaces (water tables)
  • thickness models
  • solid model volumetrics
  • object layering: add an unlimited number of graphics objects
  • interactive rotation, panning, zooming
  • adjust lighting, filter solids, adjust colors/transparencies
  • export to multiple formats
RockWorks- 2D view
A strip log in 2D view with lithology data, stratigraphy data, geophysics curve data and assay histogram data
  Rockworks- 2D view, stratigraphic profile
A stratigraphic profile in 2D view showing a hypothetical environment for Mississippi Valley type Pb-Zn mineralization

    available in RockWorks2002 2D:

  • point and contour maps
  • logs
  • cross-sections (projected or well to well)
  • export to multiple formats
  • easy printing, on-screen digitizing and measurement tools

RockWorks: other geology tools

In addition to the downhole-based tools listed above, RockWorks2002 contains a wide array of general geological utilities, made popular in the previous version, RockWorks99:

RockWorks geological utilities- stereonet
A contoured stereonet
  RockWorks geological utilities- Piper diagram
A Piper diagram

    available RockWorks geological utilities:

  • gridding and contouring
  • solid modeling
  • volumetrics
  • hydrological and hydrochemical tools (drawdown, Piper and Stiff diagrams)
  • directional statistics/structural geology tools (rose and stereonet diagrams, lineation maps and densities)
  • simple univariate statistics and diagrams (histograms, scatterplots)
  • ternary diagrams
  • surveying and mapping tools
  • simple coordinate conversion

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