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What you receive ...
  • Didger 3 software on CD
  • A 185-page User's Guide
  • Free technical support via e-mail for as long as you own Didger


Here's what some users have to say about Didger 3 and it's predecessors...
  • I do aerial photography and I am enthralled by the warping/rectification abilities of Didger. That is a very useful tool that I will make good use of.  To me, that alone is worth the price of the package.
  • Digitizing directly from real-time GPS data is a great new feature among an impressive list of Didger 3 capabilities.
  • The Coordinate Manager will be extremely useful for correcting tablet-based features for which real-world coordinatesare actually known. I will use it often!
  • I really like the ability to convert the projection of a raster projectand the ability to choose a UTM datum when projecting a file.
  • The Layer Manager is the great tool in Didger, and now it is even easier to work with.
  • "I am very impressed with the design and functionality of this product and I know that I'm going to find it very valuable in my work. I would also like to commend you on the high standard of the documentation. Any procedural question that I had was clearly explained."
  • "I really like the design philosophy used to create polygons from polyline segments."
  • "Nice job, one of the most trouble free software packages I have ever tested! Also very substantial new features. I am impressed!"
  • "Your mixed mode digitizing is very intuitive and will be well liked by my students. The change projection feature will be a very useful addition to my exercises that deal with the fundamentals of projections.... It is nice to see the tolerance circles and your new set of tools including, trimming of overshoots, extension of undershoots and creation of nodes at intersections are very useful... I have used layers in other programs like Mapviewer and AutoCAD. This is extremely useful and your layer management dialog box works like most others so is not hard to pick up."
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