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GravModelerTM - Features


GravModeler lets you watch the gravity response change as you design 2-D earth models. GravModeler includes features usually found in more expensive modeling programs.

1. Gravity Plot
gravity response of the model is continually updated as the model is edited. The plot optoinally dispays observed gravity data.

2. Tool Palette
Interactive drawing tools for intuitive model editing are easily accessible on a floating tool palette.

3. Model Display
The 2-D gravity model display includes terrain and polygons with specified densities. Bodies are created and manipulated using the mouse.

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Interactive Model Editing

Create a new polygon , rectangular body or elliptical body by selecting a shape tool from the floating toolbar.

Edit polygons with ease ....

  • Drag-and-Drop vertices with mouse

  • Click on line to create new vertex

  • Drop one vertex on another to join

  • Drop vertex on neighbor to delete

  • Grab and move selected polygon(s)

  • Delete selected polygon(s)

The model response is continuously recomputed and displayed as you edit the model.