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Barlow FDEM-8 Frequency Domain EM System   Barlow DCRES-200 DC Resistivity System
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The Barlow FDEM-8 is a "loop-loop" frequency domain electromagnetic (FDEM) measurement instrument. The system consists of  two coils, a transmitter (Tx), and receiver(Rx). The depth of imaging is controlled by the coil spacing, frequency of the signal, and power of the instrument. Readings take approximately 15 seconds in total to cycle through 8 frequencies - Both in-phase and quadrature components (amplitude & phase) are measured for each of the 8 frequencies. Combining the data for all 8 frequencies allows the operator to create a pseudo-section along the survey line. During the survey the data is displayed on an LCD screen, allowing the operator to get an idea of the data quality, signal strength, and structure of the underlying geology. The Barlow FDEM-8 is supplied with basic display and plotting software. Data can be saved in formats suitable for use with Surfer for Windows and common spreadsheets.

Typical applications include ground water exploration, landfill mapping, environmental investigations (contaminant plume mapping), archaeological mapping, geological engineering, mineral exploration (sulfide mapping), and more.

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  The Barlow DCRES-200 resistivity system uses periodically inverted direct current to measure the apparent resistivity of the earth.

Typical applications include detection of horizontal layering, ground water exploration (geohydrology), mineral exploration, environmental (pollution and seepage mapping), cavity mapping (sinkholes, caverns), salinity mapping in aquifers, archeological mapping, and more.

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